Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers came into the league with a chip on his shoulder about slipping to the 24th overall pick and he’s found numerous ways to fuel a sense of outrage ever since on his way to a Super Bowl title and a spot at the top of the list of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.

He hasn’t been shy about sharing his anger at perceived slights over the years but Rodgers says that he won’t be engaging with Vikings wide receiver Greg Jennings after the former Packer has spent much of the offseason lobbing barbs at his ex-teammate. In a piece for Rodgers writes that Jennings’ words don’t mean much to him.

“People taking shots at me who aren’t relevant to this team and to this locker room doesn’t mean a whole lot to me” Rodgers wrote. “Those comments do wash over with me without a reaction because they don’t matter.”

Based on that response Rodgers won’t much care what Donald Driver another person who falls into the category of not being relevant to the 2013 Packers had to say about Jennings’ comments about a separation between Rodgers and his teammates. Driver called Rodgers “a great guy” and said he didn’t know what might have gone on between Rodgers and Jennings in the past while also explaining what he thought Jennings was talking about.