The Diamondbacks' weekend at Minute Maid Park had the feel of an early-season non-conference game for a highly ranked college football team. If they won, well, that's what they were supposed to do. If they lost, it would have calamity written all over it.

They didn't lose -- not once in three games -- and there was a lot of talk of "taking care of business" in the visitors' clubhouse after the Diamondbacks' finished off their sweep with another commanding win over the Houston Astros on Sunday, this one by a score of 8-1. But there was also a sense of hope that the weekend could prove to be more a springboard than a formality.

"It was a great series," second baseman Aaron Hill said. "It was needed. Hopefully, we can carry this into the next few series and keep it rolling. We need to catch on fire and get some momentum to catch the guys in front of us."