In the year 2013, Google isn't a company. It's a thing you do when you need information. Sports fans are always searching for information, but what did they seek out the most in the past year? Well, according to Google's Zeitgeist there wasn't a more cranked up search term in sports than Aaron Hernandez.

Oof. Actually, Hernandez was the biggest "trending" athlete of anyone, which means he was the search topic "with the largest increase in search volume since the previous period.

So Hernandez wasn't necessarily the "most-searched athlete" per se, although clearly he saw a lot of searches. That's what happens when you're implicated in homicide -- and indicted with murder -- a few months before the NFL season begins.

As far as actual NFL athletes go, no one topped ... Ray Lewis. Oh.

Lewis was trailed by Adrian Peterson, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Colin Kaepernick as the most-Googled athletes in 2013. That's not too surprising of a list, although Kaep landing on it over someone like Robert Griffin III is a little shocking I guess.