There are a lot of RPI sites out there for college basketball and they all differ a little. After Saturday’s loss at Providence…

- ranks Xavier 30th

- Joe Lunardi and the gang rank Xavier 35th

- Jerry Palm and the group rank Xavier 25th

- The NCAA ranks Xavier 25th

Xavier goes by the NCAA’s results. The disparity in the ranges is tied to Xavier’s early-season win over Abilene Christian. That program is in its first year reclassifying to Division I and is not eligible for the Southland Conference’s postseason play or NCAA tournament.

Because of its transitional phase, the game is regarded as a win by the NCAA but AC’s record does not matter. It’s listed for Xavier as 1-0 under Non-Division I opponents. has also reflected that status. But RealTime has Abilene Christian 341 and ESPN has it at 343, which are reflected in XU’s RPIs on their sites.