It's tough to think of another player who sees the little things that go on within a game, the small subtleties of skills, patience, positioning and angles as Tim Thomas. So it is that the Bruins goalie is quite impressed with the intelligent and precise play of new teammate Tomas Kaberle.

"When he passes the puck for one-timers, the puck is completely flat," Thomas said. "Some guys just have that knack. I was thinking about it at the All-Star Game, when I saw (Detroit star Nicklas) Lidstrom make a long pass to (Colorado's Matt) Duchesne. The best passers, when they make a pass, it just seems to stick on the other guy's stick — even without the other guy trying.

"Kaberle has something similar to that when he lays the puck over for the one-timers. The puck's completely flat, never like this," Thomas added, making a wobbling motion with his hand, "where the guy getting the pass has no idea where it's going. Sometimes they won't even try to take the shot. They'll stop the puck and then try to shoot it.

"Kaberle also does a really good job at keeping the puck in at the blue line. The best guys on the power play are like that. And he has composure. Even outside of the power play, he just has that composure in our end. He's not going to get rattled, no matter what.

"And then outside of all that, he can take up some valuable minutes to take some pressure off some of our other (defenseman), who are playing a lot of minutes this year.