For now Matt Flynn is the starting quarterback of the Oakland Raiders.

That all may change if Terrelle Pryor performs well Thursday night at Seattle in the preseason finale. While playing against lesser competition Pryor has shown some promise in the preseason. Flynn acquired from Seattle in the offseason to be the starter has not been good in the preseason.

However in his annual quarterback ratings ESPN's John Clayton went with Flynn because he is still officially the starter. But Clayton isn’t high on Flynn listing him as the No. 29 starting quarterback.

This is what Clayton had to say about Flynn:
The trade to the Raiders finally gives him the chance to start. The bad news is that he is playing behind one of the worst offensive lines seen in years. Things got so bad last week he may have played himself out of a starting job. He opened the door for Terrelle Pryor to start because of Pryor's mobility.

Again if Pryor is the guy it will all be moot. And we will wait to see where Pryor ranks on Clayton’s next list.