I recently read where former Miami Marlins manager Jeff Torborg gave his full endorsement of new Marlins manager Mike Redmond. In fact, Torborg said "Redmond is special." This got me thinking about the task at hand for Redmond in his first season as manager in the Major Leagues. Does he truly know what he is getting himself into?

Anybody would jump at the chance to become a big league manager. More so when its a team you played for. But the Marlins have an unusual situation at ownership. Jeffrey Loria has got to be the worst owner not only in baseball, but maybe in all of pro sports. He interferes too many times with the day to day operations. He even sits right next to the dug out during games. I even see him many times on Marlins broadcasts. A suggestion to Mr. Loria: please go sit upstairs in the owners box. I can't imagine Redmond getting too comfortable at any point, especially if Loria does not agree with something that happens on the field. We'll see if Loria changes some and leaves Redmond alone this season. It would be the right thing to do.

- The Miami Marlins held open tryouts this week to give players another shot at their dream. The team has been doing this for years now. They usually look for players 25 years old and younger. You would be surprised from how far away a few players traveled to participate in this tryout. Read more here.