The numbers for Jake Long's new contract with the St. Louis Rams are on file with the NFL and NFL Players Association, allowing for verification of particulars.

A few things to know:

General terms: This is a four-year, $34 million deal with an $8.5 million average.
Guaranteed money: Long gets up to $16 million guaranteed. Wait, if it's guaranteed, why are the words "up to" necessary? Because some guarantees are conditional. In this case, it's pretty safe to say $16 million is guaranteed. Long gets a $5 million signing bonus. That is fully guaranteed. His $3 million base salary for 2013 is also fully guaranteed. The Rams guaranteed $8 million in base salary for 2014 as well. The full 2014 base salary is guaranteed if Long is healthy. Half of the $4 million is guaranteed if Long is injured. The remaining $4 million is guaranteed regardless if Long is on the Rams' roster on the final day of the 2013 league year.
Incentives: Long can earn another $375,000 per year in incentives based on playing time and playoff appearances or Pro Bowl honors.
Cap charges: Long's deal counts only $4.25 million against the cap this year. The cap charges rise to $9.25 million (2014), $10.5 million (2015) and $10 million (2016).
Flexibility: The Rams could get out of this deal comfortably after the second season. The team of course hopes Long plays all four seasons at a high level. However, the relatively small signing bonus gives the Rams flexibility down the line. Long's deal would count $2.4 million against the cap in 2015 if the team released him after two seasons. That would be an insignificant amount of dead money for a starting left tackle with a Pro Bowl pedigree.