Doubtless you've read the post by esteemed colleague Michael Cunningham in which Larry Drew says he's contemplating a lineup change for his Atlanta Hawks. Which sounds fine. But who should sit?

Drew has already made one lineup tweak, choosing to start Jason Collins at center and moving Al Horford to power forward. (Drew does this only on occasion, usually when Marvin Williams is out, which he often is.) This has helped bump up Horford's scoring average by two points a game, but when you've got Collins as your center, somebody else had better shoot.

To say that minor alteration has galvanized the Hawks would be incorrect. They're about the same, give or take, as they've been since Mike Bibby arrived in February 2008. Speaking of whom:

Some folks regard Bibby as the Hawks' weakest starter and clamor for Jeff Teague. I would note that Teague's workload has risen only two minutes a game from last season, and we don't have Mike Woodson to kick around anymore. Apparently Drew is seeing the same things - or, perhaps more precisely, not seeing the same things - in Teague as did his predecessor. Which suggests that Teague might not be as good as Rick Sund had hoped.