New Orleans Saints college scouting director Rick Reiprish quickly got the feeling that he was looking at a "special kind of player" when he got his first in-depth look at Texas safety Kenny Vaccaro late last September. After seven more months of exhaustive research on Vaccaro and hundreds of other draft prospects, that opinion hasn't changed.

Reiprish's visit to the University of Texas that day was just like many others that he makes across the country during college football season. He watched tape of Vaccaro and other Texas draft prospects, watched a Longhorns practice and sought opinions from head coach Mack Brown on down to the strength coach.

"He stood out, because you saw him do a lot of different things," Reiprish said when he recently sat down with pro scouting director Ryan Pace to offer a detailed look at the Saints' scouting process. "I think in my report my statement was, 'He's one of the easier safeties to evaluate because you saw him do everything.' Cover, run and tackle players and everything else.

"Looking at the film, he stood out as being an outstanding player. Then you watch him on the practice field and kind of get the feeling that you were seeing a special kind of player at that position."