Detroit Tigers manager Jim Leyland kept a look out for the perfect spot for an appropriate sendoff.

With two outs in the fourth inning, he found it.

It was time to lift Miguel Cabrera.

With his Triple Crown triumph all but secured, Cabrera received a tap on the shoulder and a hug from Ramon Santiago, his replacement at third base.

It wasn't officially official, but by night's end, it was almost a certainty that he'd become the first Triple Crown winner since 1967.

As he trotted to the third-base dugout, Cabrera was greeted to a standing ovation from the 30,000-plus in attendance at Kauffman Stadium and when he reached the staircase, a gauntlet of high-fives awaited him.

By the time he hugged Prince Fielder and Leyland, two of his biggest supporters, he was summoned back to the top step of the dugout from a crowd of mostly Royals fans that were hungry for a curtain call. Cabrera obliged.

And then, that was it.

Cabrera walked back down the staircase and his night -- and special moment -- was over.

Nearly an hour later, an announcement came over the press box's P.A. system. It was official: Cabrera had become just the 10th player in modern major-league history to claim the coveted Triple Crown.