There is no good with Brandon Jennings. Only bad. Only horror and death by PUJITs.

Take one good look at the "Shot Locations" tab on Jenning's page. After you've wiped the throw up from your screen you'll realize a few things:

1. Jennings is a scoring point guard who can't shoot.

2. In three and a half seasons, Jennings career-high in shooting is 41.8 percent. Every other season (including this current one) he has been below 40 percent shooting. BELOW. BELOW. BELOW.

3. Jennings rarely gets into the paint and creates for his teammates. His passing numbers are mediocre at best. He turns the ball over a lot. He doesn't make his teammates better when he's on the floor.

For a bit more evidence, here's NBA-guru/master/handsome man, Zach Lowe. This is from Lowe's piece in early January when Scott Skiles left the Bucks: