Matt Terl, a former writer for, writes this brilliant piece analyzing the positives and shortcomings of Danny Smith, the former Redskins special teams coach who was hired for the same position with the Steelers.

It's probably one of the most comprehensive opinion-laced articles you'll ever read on the topic of special teams, and it's not often you'll come across a piece with four interview subjects and a brilliantly accurate lede discussing a team's former special teams coach (including a glowing endorsement from Redskins linebacker Lorenzo Alexander, who was the NFC's special teams Pro Bowl selection in 2012).

The subject of the piece is Smith, and Terl's evaluation of him in what he perceives to be three different categories in which fans compartmentalized him (and basically every other player, coach, scout, GM and owner in all of sports); "The Best, Terrible, and Somewhere In Between."

As Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said of Smith, he's an outstanding communicator - something required for coaching, managing or teaching at any level in any walk of life. Interestingly, Tomlin pointed out his skill in communication exists in both large groups and individual situations.