Before he coached his first game at TD Garden new Boston Celtics coach Brad Stevens was playfully asked if he noticed the 17 championship banners hanging inside his new gym. Stevens said they "couldn’t be further from my mind right now" while noting that he wasn't hired for what had happened in the past but to try to get the team back to that level.

And let's face it for Game 1 of his NBA odyssey Stevens just wanted to make sure he looked like he belonged.

So even as he admits that he's still learning the intricacies of the NBA game Stevens was his typical poised self throughout Monday's 97-89 exhibition loss to the Toronto Raptors. He didn't panic when his team fell behind early and he coached his squad straight through the final buzzer. Better yet he didn't have any obvious rookie moments.

He did admit he'll need the preseason to grasp the jump from the NCAA level.

"Really really different" Stevens said. "Just because it's a 48-minute game getting used to the timeouts. ... But you know it's a little unique; it's a little different. And I'll get used to those as we get on through. There's eight more minutes and a lot more possessions because of the 24-second clock so getting a feel for that will hopefully -- I would like it to be done in the next seven [exhibition] games but hopefully it doesn't last much longer than that. It is different. It's unique."

Plenty of yellow seatbacks greeted his debut as most Boston fans elected to watch postseason baseball rather than preseason basketball. That gives Stevens some time to get comfortable. While there was a mix of positives and negatives to pluck from Monday's game it offers him a base to judge his team and a chance to start determining roles and playing time moving forward.

And Stevens was planning to dive right into the film after Monday's loss with the team scheduled to be back on the practice floor on Tuesday at noon.

"I won’t be able to sleep if I don’t watch it tonight and have practice ready for tomorrow" he said.