New 76ers president of basketball operations and general manager Sam Hinkie might not look the part, with his small, unathletic frame covered in tan pants, a button-down dress shirt and a blue sport jacket.

Most of the general managers at the NBA rookie draft combine have the same style - dress pants and a golf shirt. And most have a long history in the NBA, such as Boston's Danny Ainge, the Lakers' Mitch Kupchak and Brooklyn's Billy King, all of whom were present at the Attack Athletics gym to set eyes on players available for June's draft.

Though he might seem out of place, and his tenure as head of the Sixers is less than a week old, Hinkie can talk the game. As he eyes the players on the court, he comments on shooting strokes, release points, footwork. He has been coming to these workouts since he was hired by the Houston Rockets 8 years ago, and he is confident about what he is looking at and for.

Considered an analytics genius and probably viewed by many Sixers fans as a sort of computer geek, Hinkie said he has been obsessed with basketball since he was a youngster growing up in Oklahoma. He didn't play college basketball, as he was better at something else - academics. He graduated from Oklahoma with a 4.0 GPA and earned his MBA from Stanford. Still, he never lost his passions for hoops.