One of the trademarks of the 49ers defense the last two years has been the hard-hitting nature of their two safeties. Dashon Goldson and Donte Whitner have their weaknesses, but the fury they bring with their hits keeps the heads of opposing receivers on a swivel when they come across the middle of the field.

Today we wrap up our six-part series looking at the various cap casualty candidates on the 49ers roster by looking at safety Donte Whitner.

Whitner recently earned a $100,000 bonus thanks to his selection to the Pro Bowl this year. Whitner is scheduled for a $4,933,333 cap figure in 2013. That number includes a $3.85 million base salary, a $250,000 workout bonus, and $833,333 in prorated signing bonus money. If the 49ers elected to cut Whitner, they would save $4.1 million. Only the $833,333 would hit the 2013 salary cap.

Honestly, I don't see Whitner getting cut at this point, particularly with Dashon Goldson's future with the 49ers still up in the air. Whitner still struggles in coverage, but he remains a strong veteran presence. He is an effective player and a hard hitter, making him worthwhile to keep for the short term.