Frank Gore enters the final year of the contract extension he signed in August of 2011.

Really, not much has changed since that time. Gore can still be counted on to gain more than 1,000 yards annually. And the 49ers still rely on him to keep the quarterback upright with his role in pass protection.

Gore’s yearly pay has remained consistent, too. In 2013, the 49ers paid him $6.45 million. Next season, he’s scheduled to make $6.45 million.

One difference is that the 49ers have to account of other players – including, perhaps, Colin Kaepernick – making more money on a salary cap that is not expected to see a significant rise.

Another thing that changes, of course, is Gore’s age. He turns 31 in May.

In real cash, Gore is scheduled to make the sixth-highest total for any running back in the league. In salary cap numbers, his figure ranks eighth because he did not receive a signing bonus with his 2011 deal.

Coach Jim Harbaugh was asked last week what Gore does for the 49ers’ offense.