After eight seasons with the 49ers Alex Smith was fair game to get hit by them and he stayed in long enough Friday night to endure plenty of shots from his former teammates.

Smith played throughout the first half of the Chiefs' eventual 15-13 loss. It was Smith's Arrowhead Stadium debut with the Chiefs who traded for him in March.

Three sacks multiple pressures and porous blocking kept Smith from delivering an effective start. He completed 7 of 16 passes for 62 yards and a 54.7 passer rating.

"I didn't handle the pressure as well and just some finer details here and there" Smith said.

Once the reunion ended a barrage of former teammates came up to hug and chat with Smith the last few being Joe Staley Chad Hall and Colin Kaepernick Smith's successor during the 49ers' Super Bowl run last season.

"There was a lot of talking out there back and forth from a lot of those guys especially the ones that have been there a while" Smith said.

Coach Jim Harbaugh also was among those who met pre- and postgame with his former quarterback.

"It felt a lot like going against my brother which I've had opportunities to do" Harbaugh said. " ... It's personal in the best kind of way. Wish him great success health and we'll be following him.

"I thought he did well too. He looked sharp in control and great command on his throws an impressive night for him."

Smith said he also wished Harbaugh the best of luck moving forward adding that they had talked enough since his trade that there wasn't much need to reminisce.

Of all the hits Smith endured the hardest came from Tony Jerod-Eddie's helmet-to-helmet hit that drew a roughing-the-passer penalty. Jerod-Eddie claimed he merely was trying to hit Smith's "strike zone" — above the knees below the chin — and that it shouldn't have been a penalty because Smith ducked his head into the hit.

"I didn't feel it was flag worthy but they're always going to protect a quarterback" Jerod-Eddie said.