The Rudy Gay experience has been a whirlwind to say the least.

There's frankly not a heck of a lot to say with such a small sample size, and while Gay is definitely impacting Toronto's fortunes right now, the Raptors are going to need to take some time to integrate him.

Well, integrate Gay and find a proper scheme now that they've shipped out players.

And while I'm definitely holding off on judgements and believe that it'll be at least until next year that we can truly evaluate this trade, there's one thing Rudy Gay may have done already.

He may have bought Bryan Colangelo an extension.

Yes, while Colangelo was insistent to talk about how bloggers are simply panning his move based on stats that don't tell the whole story, fans have been eating up Toronto's acquisition.

The city of Toronto at least, has embraced Rudy Gay with open arms.