Andrea Bargnani got tons of burn with little result, and well, it seems almost vindictive at how much Il Mago is being crammed down the throat of the Raptor fan.

And yes, if you want to boo, you have every right to. I want to do it too.

But here's the thing. Think of the long run.

If you want Andrea Bargnani out of town, you better hope his trade value goes up from now until the end of the season, because that seems to be the mandate laid down by Colangelo.

I know I asked questions the last time I wrote an article, and those questions were about what the Raptors will do from here to the end of the season with Il Enigma.

I think we got our answer.

Dwane Casey Bryan Colangelo is going to keep trotting out the mule to see if he can entice prospective buyers over the summer. And barring any injuries, I doubt his minutes fall below 10 per game, and will probably average around 15-20.

So if you want Bargs out, supporting him to play well might be the best answer.