2013/2014 Washington Wizards Season Preview

2011/2012 Regular Season W/L Record: 20-46
2012/2013 Regular Season W/L Record: 29-53

Additions: Al Harrington, Eric Maynor, Otto Porter Jr., Glen Rice Jr., Marcin Gortat

Subtractions: A.J. Price, Leandro Barbosa, Jason Collins, Emeka Okafor

If things go well...

If things go well for the Wizards this will be the John Wall breakout year they have been waiting for. The combination of Wall and Bradley Beal were dynamic in March and April last season and have left Wizard-Nation drooling for this upcoming season. It's like when you have a horrible day on the golf course but you birdie 18...you just can't stop yourself from teeing up another 18 holes. The addition of Marcin Gortat (combined with Nene) should do a fine job of replacing the hobbled/traded Okafor. 3rd overall draft pick Otto Porter Jr. will be a crowd favorite and be given plenty of time to develop within a winning atmosphere with a starving fan-base.

If things go poorly...

Honestly, the biggest issue with the Wizards coming into this season was the health of Emeka Okafor, which they addressed last week with the Phoenix trade. The standard road-blocks apply to this team...will John Wall continue to develop into an elite NBA player, will Beal and Porter advance their game, will the Washington bench be solid enough to assist in a top 8 finish in the East. The floor for this Wizards' team is 30 wins, still an improvement but not what they are looking for.

PSD Predicted 2013/2014 W/L Record: 41-41