2011/2012 Regular Season W/L Record: 47 – 19

2012/2013 Regular Season W/L Record: 60 - 22

Additions: Derek Fisher, Steven Adams, Szymon Szewczyk, Ryan Gomes, Diante Garrett, Rodney McGruder

Subtractions: Kevin Martin, Ronnie Brewer

If things go well...

They win an NBA championship. They have the talent with the likes of Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Serge Ibaka and Jeremy Lamb to compete with the best teams in the NBA. Westbrook still has a little way to go before returning so Jeremy Lamb will need to step up right away, but Kevin Durant is more than capable of carrying the team as arguable the second best player in the NBA right now. He has made it clear he is angry and wants to win more than anything. This is his chance to prove what he can do and take the team back to the NBA finals and over the hurdle. The Thunder will win games before Westbrook returns and will be even better when Westbrook returns. 

If things go poorly...

If the Thunder fail to reach the NBA finals or at the very least the Western conference finals, than expect Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook to seriously think about leaving the team. They’ve kept the majority of the team together for the past couple of seasons (except for Harden) and failing to win a championship in that time could frustrate both players to the point of moving on if they can. The Thunder front office needs to bring in a few pieces to finish this puzzle after the mind boggling trade to send Harden out after being so close to an NBA championship. If they don’t, this could still go down as the most talented team to never win a championship in NBA history. 

PSD Predicted 2013/2014 W/L Record: 58 - 24