2013/2014 Miami Heat Season Preview

2011/2012 Regular Season W/L Record: 46-20
2012/2013 Regular Season W/L Record: 66-16

Additions: Greg Oden, Michael Beasley.

Subtractions: Mike Miller, Juwan Howard.

If things go well...

Miami is obviously the favorite to win the championship after hoisting the Larry O’Brien trophy for two years in a row and making three consecutive trips to the Finals. With all of the success they have seen over the last two years, if things go well they will complete their three-peat. The Heat added two, potentially, valuable players over the past couple of months. Greg Oden hasn't played an NBA game since 2009 but he could be a huge addition on the floor and create an interior presence who can clean the glass and defend the rim. Miami brought Michael Beasley in on a non-guaranteed deal and it could pay huge dividends with all of the leadership surrounding him, he has no choice but behave. The ceiling for this team is HUGE. 70 wins? Not likely. I think 65-68 is a bit more reasonable.

If things go poorly...

The experiments on Oden and Beasley are low-risk financially, but high risk on the floor. If Beasley flops and Oden gets hurt (or can't handle the NBA game after so much time off) this will leave some significant holes in Miami's on-court depth. The other, and most glaring, issue with the 2013/2014 Miami Heat is age. James and Bosh are not old, but nearly everbody else around them is. Dwayne Wade, Ray Allen, Shane Battier, Chris Anderson, Roger Mason Jr., and Rashard Lewis are all getting long in the tooth and have missed significant time due to injuries over the last couple of seasons. The top teams in the East are significantly better than last season and the ride might not be as smooth as some experts think.

PSD Predicted 2013/2014 W/L Record: 58-24