2011/2012 Regular Season W/L Record: 41 - 25 

2012/2013 Regular Season W/L Record: 56 - 26

Additions: Tony Allen, Kosta Koufus, Mike Miller, Jamaal Franklin

Subtractions: Darell Arthur, Tony Wroten 

If things go well...

They reached the conference finals last season and have a realistic chance of doing this again. One of the most cohesive teams in the league, their team style of play allows everyone to get involved making them much more difficult to defend. With Marc Gasol leading the front court battles on both ends, the Grizzlies also have Zach Randolph, Tony Allen, Mike Conley and Tayshaun Prince as a strong defensive core. They’ve kept this team intact, so another deep playoff run is a must for this team. 

If things go poorly...

Defensively, they are solid. Offensively, they are strong inside but a lack of perimeter shooting was their demise in the playoffs as teams are able to double down low on Gasol and ZBo. Unfortunately, they failed to address this in the off season with Mike Miller the only new addition that can score from beyond the arc if he stays healthy. The Grizzlies have to fight way too hard to score points which through the playoffs will be the reason they fail to reach the NBA finals.  

PSD Predicted 2013/2014 W/L Record: 48 - 35