So we've been talking goaltending. As you know, Isles goaltending has been horrible forever. Since the lockout, only 4 teams have had worse goaltending than the Isles, not a good sign. The goaltenders in the Bridge do not look likely to be average NHL goalies at the moment, and Rick DiPietro has the distinction of having the absolute WORST Even Strength Save Percentage the last 3 years (Min. 900 shots faced). This is not a good sign.

So what about Free Agency? Who's available? I gathered up in a spreadsheet all the NHL's Even Strength Save Data since the lockout and used the last 3 years of EV SV% data to take a look at who the Isles' options are:

The above are 16 UFA goalies - the highest paid ones that have any relevant data available - for next year. For Reference, the NHL AVERAGE Even Strength Save Percentage is .920. I've also included the players' age and the sample size. This is only over the last 3 years and this year.