The next elephant in the room affects the two big talking points coming out of the NFL Combine for the Packers, specifically the questionable status of Jermichael Finley and Greg Jennings. The main issue in question is the absolute mess the Packers face regarding their receiving contracts. This uncomfortable situation looks to force the Packers hand in dealing with Finley and Jennings and may cause the Packers to bite the bullet and over pay one or both of them for the 2013 season.

What Is The Problem?

I’ve ranted on this before so I’ll keep it brief. The Packers offense is pass heavy and needs a minimum of three legitimate receiving threats in order to operate. Mind you that is the absolute minimum; really this offense should have four or five legitimate receiving threats on the field at a time. These receiving threats can be any combination of wide receivers, running backs, or tight ends. Over the years Mike McCarthy has been here the Packers have had a deep enough core of wide receivers and variety of other players in order to do this effetely. However, the Packers have only two legitimate receiving threats signed past 2013, Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb.

Two things add to this problem. First, it takes time to develop most receiving threats to the NFL game. While rookie tight ends and wide receivers can be effectively early, they tend acclimate to the NFL game a year or two into their NFL careers. This means that the Packers can’t fix this need with a high round draft pick next year and beyond if they want to maintain the depth and talent needed past this coming season. Second, while Cobb’s deal does go out a ways, it’s still going to be another significant contract to deal with as his star continues to be on the rise. The salary cap seems to be going up faster than expected, but the way it increased by leaps and bounds under the previous CBA seems to be a thing of the past….meaning there is only so cap space to deal with if that really big elephant in the room is dealt with in the near future.