Linebackers have been the calling card of the Steeler defenses for a long, long time. Essentially, if you have great linebackers, they can cover up the mistakes of the defensive line and the secondary. If you have great linebackers, odds are, you are going to have a very good defense. It's interesting then, that the Linebacker position is probably one of the most misunderstood ones on the field. Let's start out the discussion then by going through some of the most common myths when it comes to the linebacker position:

Myth No. 1: A 4-3 linebacker versus a 3-4 linebacker. Ok, here is the deal, there is no difference. If you can play linebacker, then you can play. Twenty years ago, teams would line up and run the FB dive. It was a quick hitting play which thus allowed the offensive guards could climb on the linebacker right now. No one runs that play anymore. Whether you are running an over defense, an under defense or the 3-4 defense, there is going to be a bubble.

A bubble means that the offensive lineman is uncovered. Whether there is one or two bubbles on the offensive front, that does not mean that the offensive lineman gets a free run at the linebacker. It's the job of the defensive linemen to prevent that from happening, in every defense. Moreover, defensive linemen are usually moving on every play. A bubble pre-snap might not be a bubble post-snap.