In full disclosure I should probably start off by saying that I am a Kansas State fan and alum.

I can also confidently say that before last week I was not sold that Kansas State linebacker Arthur Brown would be a good fit for the strong inside linebacker (SILB) role with the Kansas City Chiefs. But after watching some tape and analyzing the needs and past issues for the Chiefs defense Brown looks like a good fit.

Yes I'd take Brown at No. 34 overall if he's still there. Despite what some boards have him at right now there were a LOT of people at the Senior Bowl who think he'll be a first-round pick when it's all said and done. I imagine he'll move up the rankings as we get closer to the draft and more time is spent watching his tape.

The SILB position is where Jovan Belcher had played and Brandon Siler had finished the season. It's not considered a glorious position because it's very big on taking on blocks and playing in heavy traffic when the Chiefs in the base defense, which was only 50 percent of the time last season. Being on the strong-side of the formation you're going to have to deal with more offensive lineman and stacking than you would on the weak-side (Derrick Johnson). With new defensive coordinator Bob Sutton we're going to see a new scheme change but that doesn't mean teams won't still be trying to spread the Chiefs out. That's just the way the NFL is headed right now.