We all know that the Bengals need a running back. It's not because BenJarvus Green-Ellis didn't have a good season in 2012, because he did. It's because the Bengals backfield lacks an explosive element. Bernard Scott has had injury trouble in three of the last four years, including 2012 when he was placed on injured reserve and Green-Ellis, while good between the tackles and in short-yardage situations, isn't going to hit many home runs.

The Bengals have expressed an interest in selecting a running back in the draft to help solidify the Bengals backfield, which, in turn, would help Andy Dalton's progression and the passing game. There are several running backs in this year's draft class but the big-name guys are Alabama's Eddie Lacy, North Carolina's Giovani Bernard and Wisconsin's Montee Ball, among others.

The running backs, along with the wide receivers and quarterbacks, are all finished with their on-field drills at the Combine and their scores have been recorded. While there were some that stood out, both in good ways and bad ways, others gave us exactly what we were expecting to get.

Montee Ball was one of those guys.

Ball didn't wow anyone with his 40-yard dash time. In fact, he was fairly slow compared to the rest of the group, clocking in at 4.66. Considering the Bengals are wanting a guy to add some explosiveness to the backfield, Ball may not be their choice. However, nobody can argue with Ball's results. While at Wisconsin, Ball scored 77 touchdowns and ran for over 5,000 yards. I have heard people say that his production is a result of a massive offensive line, but the same can usually be said about any Alabama running back, including Lacy.

From talking to these guys and attending their press conferences, Ball also seemed to have great character. When he was asked what he would bring to the team that drafts him, he had a pretty great answer.