During the past week and a half, we have discussed two of the five Miami Marlins who may become critical core pieces who could support future superstars Jose Fernandez and Christian Yelich as the team rebuilds to contention. While Fernandez and Yelich will attempt to serve as the Josh Johnson and Hanley Ramirez of this generation of Marlins, some players have to become the Anibal Sanchez's and Dan Uggla's of this team's latest era.

The next potential core piece is another pitcher who was acquired in a midseason trade in 2012, former Los Angeles Dodgers farmhand and righty starter Nathan Eovaldi. Eovaldi spent much of the 2012 year as a starting pitcher in the major leagues, unlike his fellow midseason trade counterpart Jacob Turner. Like Turner, however, Eovaldi came with some pedigree from the minors, mostly in the form of an electric but flat fastball and the promise that such a skill brings. Before 2012, Eovaldi was a fringe top-100 prospect in baseball, and the fact that he was trusted enough by the Dodgers to start in the majors consistently at age 22 shows that his Double- and Triple-A performances inspired confidence. The fact that he survived with a passable 4.30 ERA at that age is also encouraging.

But can Eovaldi develop everything he needs to do to become a core member of the future Marlins pitching staff?