Good morning Rockies fans. We have had a lot of discussion around projections and looking at the Rockies in 2013. These have run from "we have enough to be a .500 club." to "welcome back to the basement." What I have been thinking about is, "What happens in the worst case scenario?"

The reality is the true worst case scenario is that the entire 25 man roster ends up injured for a significant portion of the year and we are calling up players from deep in the minors to field a roster so we can even play. This was easy to come up with, but is unlikely to happen. Further thought and looking historically at what has happened there are a few much more likely worst case scenarios.

Troy Tulowitzki is injured for most/all of the season

This has happened more often than we as fans would want. Tulo is the glue for this team and his production is critical to any level of success including the improvement towards .500 that is the likely best case scenario. The challenge is that he has played more than 140 games 3 times in 6 years. And he has played injured thereby reducing his effectiveness significantly in multiple seasons. Without Tulo, multiple other players see productivity reduced.