In recent years, the Tennessee Titans have not been a team that was known for their wide receivers. However, this season could be the first to prove otherwise.

The Titans still have a solid group of receivers returning with Kenny Britt, Nate Washington and Kendall Wright all on the roster again. Each of them bring a unique skill-set that is direly needed for this receiving group.

The Titans took it one step further and added Justin Hunter in the second round of this year’s NFL Draft. Justin brings a tall and excelled route-runner to the mix. A player who can hopefully play opposite of Britt and help to excel on the outside receiver position.

By doing so, the Titans have a well-rounded, and maybe for the first time, solid receiving unit. Britt and Hunter on the outside and Wright in the slot position. This all helps Jake Locker as he will have a wide skill-set and a group of talented receivers to throw to.