The Jacksonville Jaguars went a different direction. Owner Shad Khan and new general manager Dave Caldwell hired former Seahawks defensive coordinator Gus Bradley instead of St. Louis Rams offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer and a handful of other candidates. That's a pretty important development for the Rams for two reasons.

First, we all hope Seattle's defense struggles with continuity issues. I doubt it, and I really don't get into the whole schadenfreude thing.

More importantly, it means that the Rams will finally have some offensive continuity, the same system with the same quarterback and the same offensive coordinator for two years in a row. That hasn't happened since Scott Linehan and Marc Bulger teamed up to lead the Rams to mid-decade glory!

The Rams offense scored 18.7 points per game last season, which ranked 25th in the NFL. That was a big jump from 12 points per game the year before, but it's a long way from being the complete unit that can contribute its fair share to a win.

Progress is satisfying, but it's only part of the bigger picture. The Rams have been so bad for so long fans have taken progress as a result in and of itself.

No more. The gang's all here, and we expect more progress in 2013, progress in the form of team competing to the very last inch for a division title and a playoff spot. Progress alone is no longer enough to satisfy.