"Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."

Amazingly, Forrest Gump's quote about life probably does a better job of describing what to expect from the 2013 Colorado Rockies than the first three sentences of this morning's piece by Jeff Passan in which he says the following...

Nothing exposes a franchise floating in the ether quite like an offseason of curiosity and indecision, of maneuvers unmade and ill-fated. To call the Rockies a rudderless ship at this moment would be an insult to rudders. This is a ship with a hole the width of its bow.

What Passan either fails to understand or is choosing to ignore is that before a franchise can choose the direction it wants to travel, it must first identify its location. This is problematic for the Rockies because almost every key piece on the 2013 roster is a question mark right now - And not necessarily a question mark in a bad way either.

The biggest issue the Rockies face in constructing their team this season (aside from the complete absence of affordable starting pitching on the free agent market) is that an enormous chunk of their players fall into one of the following two categories.