The 2012 Miami Marlins Season Review series has touched a number of players on the Marlins thus far, but one who has already been well-covered in the last two weeks is Jose Reyes. Reyes was discussed as one of the few positives on this Marlins team this season, but at the same time his defense was considered a potential negative for the club this year.

So with Reyes's season more or less reviewed, let us take a look back at the positives and negatives as a collective whole to review Reyes's debut season as a Marlin.

As mentioned in the previously linked article, one of the major positives of the 2012 season for Reyes is that his offense was almost on par with his previous years. His .287/.347/.433 line is a little below his career .291/.342/.440 slash line, but when you compare it to the 2012 league average, the wRC+ of 109 in 2012 is actually better than his career 107 mark.

In addition to that, another positive aspect of the 2012 season is the fact that Reyes recovered from a massive slump to hit his projections pretty well. His batting line from May to the end of the season was a cool .296/.355/.446, which was good enough for a .351 wOBA. That line more or less matched his various projections from before the season, with only ZiPS expecting an even better line than that one. Overall, Reyes barely missed his preseason projection in his regression to the mean following a terrible month of April, and that bodes well not only for the performance of 2012 but also for his future performance. Given that we saw five months of a consistently good Jose Reyes, it is easier to believe that run and discount the one-month slump at the beginning of the season a bit more.