Josh Hamilton is weird. His 2012 season is also weird. At a distance, looked at as a whole, his season was a good, productive year with a .931 OPS and his first full season since 2008, but Rangers fans will remember it as a roller coaster ride.

April and May were mind boggling good, Josh was the AL Player of Month for both months and looked well on his way to a second MVP award with an OPS of 1.182 and 1.187 respectively. As hot as he started, he cooled off with equal vigor as he struggled in June and July to the tune of .754 and .607 OPS. The end of the year saw Josh look more like Josh with .943 and .873 OPS for the final two months... but the last two weeks he was boom or bust striking out 18 times in his final 44 PA but with a .458 BABIP when he actually put it in play.