One of the many joys of a new NBA season is watching talented up-and-comers blossom into stars, making what sports fans vaguely refer to as "The Leap".

It can come from many places and defines many things; sometimes a player reeks of potential and is destined for stardom (James Harden), there are those who exceed expectations when a teammate goes down(Paul George), still others (Jimmy Butler) come out of nowhere and force people to remember their name.

While every season has its surprises, there's no shortage of talented youngsters who are dripping with potential, and seemingly on the verge of the game's next level. Here's our list of 10 Players Who Will Break Out in the 2013-2014 Season.

10. Harrison Barnes

Barnes faces an unusual dilemma in the Warriors' lineup; the team picked up a borderline All-Star at his natural position after he gave them a promising rookie campaign and played a role in their spirited Playoff run.

What he has working to his favor are upside-ridden athleticism and a versatile skill set that allow him to play three positions in what promises to be an entertaining lineup mix. While he might start few games (barring the always-in-play Bogut injury), the flexibility Barnes gives Mark Jackson off the bench will give him strong minutes against many opponents, and continue the growth he showed last year.

9. Enes Kanter

Few players in the NBA are as enigmatic skill-wise as Kanter, the towering Turk who was good enough to be taken third overall despite not playing at Kentucky, then buried on Utah's bench behind Al Jefferson for two years.

While he hasn't seen the extended burn that will acclimate him to the NBA game, he's been an effective defender/rebounder with a soft scoring touch around the hoop, and moves well for a player of his build.

With the Jazz's pivot spot now cleared for Kanter's full development, his minutes will double, which even at last year's pace makes him a 17/10 guy. Unless he and Derrick Favors insult expectations and are a complete train wreck in extended minutes together, both should enjoy strong seasons.

8. Tobias Harris

For a team that's too proud to tank for a loaded draft (remember where your best years came from), the Milwaukee Bucks do some pretty neurotic things sometimes. Trading Tobias Harris, it would appear, falls into that category.

The little-used swing forward completely exploded after the change of scenery, making Orlando GM Rob Hennigan look like a genius, and prompting an internet revolt from Bucks fans.

With such an immediate and consistent outburst, it's more likely that Harris will continue to develop than cool off and level out like Jeremy Lin. He'll no longer be adjusting to a new team and increased minutes, and with that comfort will come a drastic rise in his NBA stock if he maintains anywhere near similar production this year.

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