Whenever someone in the public eye is accused of wrongdoing, it’s always possible that the accusation is something other than true. When it comes to the accusation made against Jets defensive coordinator Dennis Thurman, that possibility is enhanced by the reality (as reported by the New York Daily News) that his accuser previously was arrested for making a false report.

Via Seth Walder and Corrine Lestch of the Daily News, 28-year-old Jessie Steinberg declined comment on the accuracy of an online background report showing that she was once arrested for making a fictitious claim. The case had no date attached to it.

In the current case, Steinberg contends that Thurman slapped her hand and grazed her face after she gave him the one-fingered peace sign.

“I’m not hurt, but it was scary to have a man I didn’t know stand over me like that,” Steinberg said. “Just because he’s Dennis Thurman, he can’t go around and act like that towards women.”

A photo obtained by TMZ appears to show the woman firing off the middle finger to Thurman while his hand moves toward it.