As the NBA trade deadline nears, there’s one big name who won’t be in play for teams looking to acquire a superstar.

Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins has his general manager’s word he won’t be traded before the Feb. 23 deadline, and with seemingly good reason. The Kings are set to offer Boogie a huge maximum extension this offseason, securing his services for the foreseeable future while handsomely rewarding the big man for his work.

The deal is inevitable — just like the destruction that’s sure to follow.

Cousins is one of the best players in the NBA and arguably its greatest big man. He showed the full complement of his skills on Tuesday night in a beatdown of the Los Angeles Lakers, forcing each purple-and-gold-clad big into foul trouble and throwing down massive dunks on a bewildered defense.

You have to give that kind of player the maximum amount of money allowed by the collective bargaining agreement. No front office on the planet would have the temerity to look at someone of Cousins’ caliber and pass.

Five years at a cost of $200 million or more? Sounds good for a 7-footer who can shoot 3s, make plays, and get buckets. Without a doubt, Cousins is a destroyer of basketball worlds.