To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the movie "Major League," the Lake County Captains -- the Single-A affiliate of the Cleveland Indians -- are giving away a Jobu bobblehead doll at its Aug. 1 game.

The famous voodoo doll was used by fictional Indians outfielder Pedro Cerrano to finally help him hit a curveball.

"Every year, we figure out what moment in Cleveland sports history we're going to celebrate," said Neil Stein, assistant general manager for the team located in Eastlake, fifteen minutes east of downtown Cleveland. "With the 25th anniversary, this was a natural."

The first 1,500 fans will get a family-friendly recreation of the Jobu doll, which doesn't have a cigar in his mouth like he does throughout the movie. The team will wear jerseys in the style of the Indians jerseys used in the film. Fans will be able to bid on those jerseys, which will be auctioned off.

Stein said he has invited Corbin Bernsen, who plays third baseman Roger Dorn, and Chelcie Ross, who plays pitcher Eddie Harris, to attend the game, and has asked announcer Bob Uecker to send something to the team to auction off that night.