They are scoreboard watching in the Royals clubhouse and that’s just the start of the weirdness. This is the season that makes no sense.

This is the team that demoted a key player and fired the hitting coach and sat out the trading deadline and is still within an arm’s reach of a playoff spot. Just as Eric Hosmer was starting to live up to all those scouting reports, he’s out for up to another month and the injury is basically a line of demarcation for his teammates dragging this season out of the garbage.

None of it makes sense. But this bit of scoreboard watching is stranger than all of that. It is early afternoon on Saturday and the clubhouse televisions are turned to the Tigers-Blue Jays game. It is the bottom of the 10th and Toronto’s Nolan Reimold just hit a line drive into the left field gap and all of a sudden there are a lot of Blue Jays fans in this room.

“GO DANNY!” someone screams through a wall. “GO! GO! GO!”

That’s Danny Valencia they’re cheering for. That’s Danny Valencia, who the Royals traded to a fellow wild card contender in no small part for clubhouse chemistry. But at this moment, that’s Danny Valencia running around the bases against the Tigers — so at this moment Danny Valencia is the Royals’ favorite player.

He scores, so the Blue Jays win and more importantly the Tigers lose and now the Royals are smiling. The more you think about it, the more this moment feels as strange as anything that’s happened in this room since the day an outfielder shot a reporter in the eye with a pellet gun.

“Yes sir!” someone screams.

This is what a team does when it is chasing a division championship, and not the second wild card.

The Royals beat the Giants 5-0 in front of 35,114 fans on Saturday night. James Shields dominated. Alex Gordon homered. Billy Butler hit more line drives. Mike Moustakas drove in another run. This was the best version of The Process.