Acknowledging the allure of playing for his former coach, Charles Tillman on Friday said he’s “open to all teams” if he can’t re-sign with the Bears.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers hired Lovie Smith in January.

“Obviously, it makes the deal probably a little sweeter just because it’s a former head coach,” Tillman said. “You do know the system, you know the scheme.

“I think it helps it from a standpoint that it’s a former coach, a guy that you liked, a guy that you’d been with for 10 years. It’s cool. But it’s free agency. I’m open to whoever.”

The cornerback hasn’t talked to Smith about his future but predicted the Bucs’ defense would “eventually lead the league in turnovers” under Smith’s tutelage.

Tillman disagreed with Brian Urlacher’s assertion earlier this week that the Bears were trying to purge Smith’s players.

“I think Lovie just has the opportunity to possibly pick up some other guys because he’s the head coach in Tampa,” Tillman said. “I think it’s just a timing issue.”

Whether Tillman leaves the only team he’s ever known — for the Buccaneers or anyone else — is a different question.

He wants to stay in Chicago.

“You know, whatever happens, there will be no bad blood,” he said. “I do not think there will be any bad blood. Hell, I know there won’t be anything bad.”

He reaffirmed his desire to retire as a Bear. If he goes elsewhere, Tillman always could sign a ceremonial contract at the end of his career.

Tillman compared that scenario to the one used by Richard Dent, who was embraced by the Bears despite playing for the 49ers, Colts and Eagles at the end of his career.

Tillman goes to Halas Hall nearly every day — “Everybody’s happy,” he said — and speaks regularly with coach Marc Trestman and general manager Phil Emery.