Browns offensive coordinator Norv Turner made it clear Thursday that regardless of the circumstances demoted quarterback Brandon Weeden left too many plays out on the field.

"It's always a combination of things (why he was benched) and I'd hate to get too specific'' Turner said in his weekly press conference. "We played against Green Bay and they're an awfully good defense. They presented some real challenges for us but there are plays that Brandon could've made and he knows he could've made them.''

Everyone in the organization had high hopes that Weeden and his cannon arm would flourish in Turner's downfield scheme. Instead he was way off the mark far too often and ranks 32nd with a 52.8 completion percentage (103-of-195). Last season in Pat Shurmur's West Coast offense he finished 27th with a 57.4 completion percentage.

“Completion percentage is affected by a lot of things'' said Turner a noted quarterback guru. "The accuracy sometimes Brandon gets speeded up sometimes legitimately so because of the rush. I tend to break it down play to play instead of generalize about it. He’s missed some guys that were open. They’re throws he’s capable of making.”

This year Weeden -- who plans to address the media on Friday -- made it a point of emphasis and hoped to be up in the high 60s where the Peyton Mannings and Aaron Rodgers reside. Instead his biggest asset -- arm strength -- was often his biggest liability. He overthrew the long ball too often -- including twice on sideline throws to Greg Little at the start of the Green Bay game and put too much heat on the shorter throws. He missed Jordan Cameron in the end zone once in the fourth quarter and was off the mark on other throws.

Other times he held on a little too long and either was sacked or drilled upon release. Case in point was the fourth-quarter deep ball to Gordon on fourth and 15 last Sunday that was broken up by Davon House.