At least Orlando Magic General Manager Rob Hennigan is not in a state of denial.

At least he understands why he is being barbecued by the fan based and there are calls for him to be replaced by certain members of the media.

He knows the Magic are five years into his post-Dwightmare rebuild and are inexplicably and inexcusably getting worse; not better. And that means his job is just naturally going to be on the line.

When I asked him recently whether he has talked to Magic CEO Alex Martins about whether he will be with the team next season, Hennigan said: “That’s not something for me to comment on. Alex and I are in constant communication as you can imagine. … I’ll leave those decisions to people who are more important to me.”

Martins told the Sentinel’s Josh Robbins when asked about Hennigan’s job security: “We don’t evaluate any of our individuals in midseason. Traditionally, we do that in a very comprehensive fashion at the end of each season, and this season is no different.”