Kenyon Martin believes Carmelo Anthony isn't going anywhere next summer.

So much so that Martin said confidently of a guy he has been teammates with in Denver and New York: "Personally I can't see him going anywhere else."

"It's the city man" Martin said of why Anthony won't leave New York. "If he don't know that by now ... people out here love him it's home for him his birthplace. Don't have to do any convincing."

Being the superstar the main draw to play on the Madison Square Garden stage is as intoxicating a draw as any. And of course there are 129 million more reasons if he opts out and re-signs with the Knicks next summer.

But the Knicks can't chance anything. With sincere apologies to Deron Williams Anthony is the biggest free agent the New York-New Jersey metropolitan area has had since the summer of Jason Kidd in 2003.

All signs point to Anthony wanting to stay. He's not discussing his future but the defending scoring champ appears to genuinely enjoy it here and being the man in New York.

But a decade earlier the same could be said for Kidd. Kidd was the toast of the area as he molded the Nets into a title contender. He felt a loyalty to the Nets loved being in the metropolitan area and seemed pretty sure he was staying until he went on a recruiting trip to San Antonio. He returned from Texas torn before finally making the decision to remain with the Nets.

Point is anything can happen once a star opts out of his contract. Other teams and more importantly other stars will attempt to lure Anthony away if opts out in this Super Friends era of NBA basketball.

All Anthony has to do is listen and then he could be like Kidd a decade ago feeling like his decision was up in the air like a jump ball with Tim Duncan on one side and the Nets on the other.