Amir Johnson had no idea his night had been such a spectacular one.

He was downright shocked to hear he had done something no player in the history of the NBA had done before.

Perhaps it was because it came in a loss and Johnson, like many of the true professionals in the game, rarely get excited about anything that doesn’t have a W attached to it.

But more likely it’s because Johnson doesn’t look at the game of basketball as a means to anything but winning for his teammates.

It’s why Johnson rolled his ankle for a seventh time this season on Monday night, stayed down for perhaps a few extra seconds and then was right back in the game running the floor like nothing happened.

The man’s pain threshold may not be legendary league wide, but within his own locker room, it’s something that leaves teammates like DeMar DeRozan wracking his brain to describe the impressiveness of it.

All Johnson did Monday night, in a reserve roll no less, was come off the bench, go a perfect 10-for-10 from the field and pull down 15 rebounds. But it was the 12 offensive boards combined with the perfect shooting night that put him in the NBA record books.

Never in the history of the game has that been done and if it’s a rather unique set of circumstances that puts Johnson in the record books, he’s fine with that.

“To get in the record books, at least it looks like you finally did something that was good,” he said. “Now I can say, OK, I hold an NBA record.”