Is there any doubt that Jason Giambi will leave spring training in possession of an Indians roster spot?

Manager Terry Francona has announced no such thing, and the club has made no official announcement about Giambi’s status. As of today, he’s just another 42-year-old former All-Star who’s laboring in camp on a minor-league contract.

But don’t be fooled by such formalities. It is clear by Francona’s words that he wants Giambi on the team, because the manager believes he can still hit and that he will light up the clubhouse with his charismatic aura.

These are some of the things Francona has said about Giambi since the outset of spring training:

• “He’s not just a veteran guy, he’s the veteran guy. The guy interviewed for a manager’s job, and I don’t think it’s too far from reality to think he could have gotten it. I truly think it’s an honor to have him in camp.”

Francona said those things on Feb. 13, only a few days after camp opened and five days after Giambi signed with the Tribe.