Allen Craig drove himself to the ballpark Friday. And he seemed reasonably comfortable with a walking boot on his sprained left foot.
But the Cardinals’ top runs batted in man at 97 said there had been no timetable offered to him about his return. With only three weeks and change remaining in the regular season it would seem unlikely that Craig who was hurt in a freak spill Wednesday in Cincinnati would be able to play before the last week of the season. Perhaps he wouldn’t be ready until the October baseball the Cardinals have reason to believe they will be playing.

General manager John Mozeliak said Friday “Overall we were lucky in the sense that (there is) no fracture. Based on what we saw that night we certainly thought it was going to be worse.

“But he’s still in a boot. It’s going to be one of those things where each day we may learn a little more. But in the short term he’s not going to be available any time soon.”

Mozeliak said that if it was presented to him that Craig would be ready for the postseason and not before he would take that.

“I don’t want to guess when he may or may not be ready but it’s not in the immediate future” Mozeliak said.

Manager Mike Matheny said that other doctors will look at Craig’s tests besides those who already have seen him.