Miami Heat president Pat Riley posted a message to "Heat Lifers" Friday on the team's official website.

The three-minute clip is vintage Riley, with stirring footage of the franchise's best teams that he has assembled over the course of almost two decades. Game footage of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Alonzo Mourning, Tim Hardaway and others are cut in between a calm and confident Riley speaking to a camera.

"I am as excited as I've ever been to let you know that we're a contender," Riley says in the video. "You can't ever look at the Miami Heat and not think of us as being a contender. We've always been somebody who believed in the big picture."

Riley references team owner Micky Arison's earlier message to Heat fans back on July 28 and makes sure to thank the team's loyal fans and season ticket holders for their loyalty.

Whether it's in direct response to James or simply inspired by him, Riley also brings up the same "Heat Lifer" theme Arison used, saying how much he enjoys calling Miami home as he embarks on his 20th year in charge of the Heat. He describes Chris Andersen's re-signing as "returning to home" and praises Chris Bosh, Wade and "Mr. Miami" Udonis Haslem for their continued service.