Right back at you.

That was the message that Rays closer Grant Balfour had for Tampa Bay fans after they booed the team for blowing the lead in the ninth inning of Thursday night's game against the Oakland Athletics.

The Rays were leading 1-0 when Balfour gave up an RBI double to Yoenis Cespedes to tie the game, which the Rays eventually won 5-2 in 11 innings.

Fans weren't too happy about the blown lead, and they let Balfour and the Rays know it.

"The fans can boo me and all that (stuff), but that's fine," Balfour told reporters after the game. "It's not going to help me out. It's not going to help the team do anything out there when you do that (stuff). The feeling is, the team's behind you and everybody's behind you -- the crowd, the whole nine yards. Things are going to go right.

"But when you start pulling that (stuff), it's not a good vibe. The team's pulling for the team, so the fans got to be pulling for the team. Everybody's got to be pulling for the team. You can't be back and forth like that. That (stuff) doesn't work. So I'll just walk away positive from it. It's a good win. A much-needed win."